Fireside Orchard and Gardens

Fireside Orchard and Gardens
2225 Lonsdale Blvd. East (highway 19)

Celebrating 44 Years of Growing the Finest Apples for You

Welcome to Fireside Orchard and Gardens! We are a family run orchard about 40 minutes south of the Twin Cities metro area, in Northfield, Minnesota.

We grow favorite Minnesota varieties such as Zestar, Haralson, Fireside, SweeTango, Honeycrisp and Keepsake, as well as other popular apples like Cortland and McIntosh. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, tree ripened fruit to give you the best flavor and eating experience possible. Our cold storage facilities guarantee crispness and freshness. Our apples create lifelong memories!

While most people choose to purchase their apples pre-picked out of our apple display cool-room, some like the "pick-your-own" approach. There is always something quite amazing about seeing a red-ripe apple hanging on a tree!

Read all about our store, gardens and attractions, or learn about the different varieties we grow and or sell, on our Minnesota Apples page. Check out our Apple News to get current orchard news and see when your favorite apples are available.