First Baptist Church of Enfield

253 Brainard Road

Who Are We?

Reformed yet Dispensational — How can that be?  First Baptist Church is reformed in the sense that we’re Calvinistic in our doctrine of salvation. We are also “reform-ish” in that we have a plurality of elders, hold a high view of the Old Testament law as it pertains to holiness of life, and employ the Regulative Principle in our worship service. We say “reform-ish” because these are not strictly Reformed ideas but are more often seen in Reformed churches today than in Dispensational churches.

Yet First Baptist Church is unapologetically Dispensational in that we are Premillennial, believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, we believe Israel always means Israel in the Bible, we don’t believe that the Church replaces Israel, and we employ a literal-historical-grammatical approach to the Scriptures rather than the heavy figurative approach that the Reformed camp allows.  Additionally, we affirm a young earth view of creation.  There are other reasons that First Baptist Church is “Reformed yet Dispensational” but they all have one thing in common: they hang on the written word of God and are not captive to any denominational or ecclesiastical  “traditions.”

In short, we are not Reformed Baptist, but rather Regular Baptist in the mode of the Particular Baptists who came over from England in early American history.  We invite you to visit us to find out more.