First Baptist Church Of Lead Hill

146 Highway 14 East

The present First Baptist Church of Lead Hill was founded in 1932. The church's minute book is missing but we have several reliable sources of information on the early days of the church. There have been at least two prior attempts to form a permanent Baptist church in Lead Hill. The first was in the 1880's. In 1883, the White River Association received the Lead Hill Church into its association. At that time J.H. Palmer was the pastor. J.M. Cook was the church clerk and M.A. Lawhorn, J.W. Clark and J.M. Cook were messengers.

The church apparently had just begun since it had only 12 members. The White River Association met with the Lead Hill Church in 1884 and agreed to "supply Lead Hill with a preacher for the ensuing year. In 1970 the church built a new auditorium and made other improvements to its facilities. The church has since been remodeled the auditorium was given a face life and the fellowship hall was expanded and new bathrooms installed, this all took place between 2004-2007.