First Baptist Church of Midland

915 East Sugnet

Our Vision

In the spirit of our compassionate Christ, we are a family of growing believers serving all of God's people in an ever changing world!

Our Core Values

Worship and Music.Worship is the celebration of God's gift of life. This provides us with the opportunity to return praise and thanksgiving to the source of our creation. Music is an integral part of this celebration. We embrace a blended approach to this creative expression believing that different styles of music speak to different needs in the hearts of God's people.

Prayer.Prayer is the vehicle used to draw near to God. We nurture our relationship with the Divine by spending time in His presence.

Missions.We are seeking to live life as defined by Jesus. This means we are sensitive to and responsive to the needs that exist in our neighborhoods as well as around the world.

Education.We are a congregation seeking to grow. We come to the Lord Jesus Christ offering our minds as well as our hearts. Our conviction is that people of faith must be Biblically literate and theologically grounded.

Stewardship.We are in a partnership with God entrusted with the responsibility of caring for his creation. This calls us to dedicate all that we are and all that we have to the Kingdom of God and its fulfillment.

Inclusion.We are open and welcoming to people of all cultures and races. We strive to include all who come seeking to live their faith in an open and caring church environment.


Michael Burhans

Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016
Friendly, active in the community, and filled with good and kind people.