First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church

330 First Parish Road

First Parish, Scituate is over 350 years old. A group of Nonconformists started meeting in London in 1616, led by Rev. Henry Jacob. He was succeeded by Rev. John Lothrop, a former rector in the Church of England, in 1624. Discovered worshipping clandestinely in 1632, 42 members of the congregation were arrested and jailed.
After two years in jail, Rev. Lothrop was released from jail with the proviso that he leave England forever. With a majority of the members of his congregation, he sailed for New England and arrived in Scituate in September, 1634. They joined a small congregation that had been worshipping under the leadership of a layman, Giles Sexton.
A small log cabin on Meeting House Lane served as the first church. The site is marked today by a monument that lists the early members of the parish, "The Men of Kent," and by gravestones from the 17th century.


Jean Shildneck

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016
The best church ever! Friendly, committed, open-minded people. Beautiful historic church building.