First United Methodist Church Of Orange

161 South Orange Street

The United Methodist Church is one of the many protestant Christian denominations. While our church can be traced back to John Wesley, it also shares all the older history of the protestant reformation, and the Catholic Church before that. For a more depthful understanding of the rich Methodist History, please follow the menu bar to the left, which will take you to the United Methodist Church website.

Similarly, our beliefs, while having some common elements with other protestant faiths, are uniquely our own. For a better understanding, follow the What We Believe menu to the left, to link to the United Methodist Church website.

Locally, our history begins with the Methodist Episcopal Society of Orange County in 1873. The First United Methodist Church of Orange sits, today, on property donated by Captain Henry Glassell in 1875. We were the first Methodist Church to be commissioned in Orange County, California and the first church of any kind to be erected in what is now the city of Orange, California (then Richland, California). For a more detailed history of the First United Methodist Church of Orange, her symbols and history, select the Local Church History menu option to the left. This will take you to an historic pamphlet printed in 1963 for the Church's 90th anniversary.


patrick Duncan

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018
I go every Sunday morning church YES I am an member of the Methodist church

Dan Schaper

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018

theresa smith

Wednesday, Sep. 6, 2017