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Fitchburg High School

Fitchburg High School
140 Arn-How Farm Road

Fitchburg High School dedicates itself to promoting academic excellence and civic responsibility while creating an atmosphere of safety and community, providing an atmosphere of respect and acceptance of diverse cultures and ideas, and using a variety of instructional strategies and assessment to actively engage all students in a positive learning environment.

School-Wide Expectations For Student Learning
Students will

  • Achieve skills of critical and analytical thinking.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of America’s heritage.
  • Develop mathematical and scientific literacy.
  • Develop competency in the use of information and technology.
  • Demonstrate effective reading, speaking, writing and listening skills.
  • Develop and maintain positive health and fitness habits.
  • Demonstrate a respect for individual abilities and diverse cultures.
  • Explore the fine and applied arts.
  • Demonstrate self-discipline and personal responsibilities for learning.
  • Accept responsibilities for their own actions.
  • Pursue academic and co-curricular areas of involvement to fulfill individual potential.