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Foodshare Inc

450 Woodland Avenue


Foodshare will work to end hunger as a part of the overall community effort to alleviate poverty in greater Hartford.


We see a community where:

-Hunger is universally unacceptable and  no one worries where their next meal is coming from.
-The response to human needs is human and personal, always valuing both the people who need help and the people who help.
-The availability of food is not taken for granted.
-There is an understanding and respect for the hard work and effort it takes to bring safe, nutritious, healthy food to the table.
-There is an abhorrence of waste of any kind wasted food, wasted time, and wasted resources .
-Government, business, organizations, and individuals work together to ensure that everyone has access to good, nutritious food.
-Localized and grass-roots efforts are as highly valued as those that are more centralized.

Creating a community where long-term solutions are not just desired, but expected may take many years.  It will take more than our work to create thiskind of societal change.  These realizations will not deter us from taking the steps we can, each day, each month, each year, to move to world closer to this vision. We believe that:

-The sustained cooperation of many individuals and organizations over time will lead to a  hunger free community.
-Hunger is both a symptom and a cause of poverty.  Poverty is a complex problem that requires complex solutions.
-People in need should have access to food in ways that maintain their human dignity. Food is essential to life, therefore, food should not be wasted.

We will:

-Operate as an effective charitable business and make sound business decisions.
-Be good stewards of the human, food, monetary, and other resources entrusted to us.
-Remember that caring, committed, and compassionate people are Foodshare's most valuable assets.
-Be honest and open in all relationships, communications, dealings, and transactions.
-Ensure that a variety of voices are represented in our decision-making.
-Remain mindful that ending hunger requires new and innovative solutions that go beyond giving people food.
-Become active participants in truly ending hunger.
-Continue to serve those whose situation does not allow them to feed themselves.

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