Fort Wise Pumpkin Company

Fort Wise Pumpkin Company
1562 Maple Road

Fort Wise Pumpkin Company was established in 2015 as a fun extension of our Fort Wise Cattle Company.  Why "Fort Wise"?  Well, as a military family it seemed a natural transition to settle on our own fort.   Also, our personal and historical connection between Fort Scott, Fort Leavenworth, and our family in the area impacted our decision.

The concept of opening a pumpkin patch was rooted in our experiences living on the east coast and upper mid-west while in the Army.  Pumpkin patches and cider mills were synonymous with fall.

Our family tradition is to celebrate the harvest and admire the majestical season change into fall.   Come celebrate the magic of harvest and fall with our family, friends, and community at Fort Wise Pumpkin Company where Pumpkins and Patriotism merge.