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Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church

13001 Fountain Hills Boulevard

About Us

Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church is located in the beautiful town of Fountain Hills, Arizona and is surrounded by gorgeous mountain views. We have two services on Sunday morning with a total worship attendance of about 400 individuals depending on the season. Our church members are from nearly all denominational back grounds, however, our church is a member of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and have our roots historically planted in the rich heritage of the Protestant Reformations in Switzerland and Scotland. We are connectional church, in mission, outreach, and ecumenical relationships.


"Equipping People for Spiritual Growth as Christians"


Provide uplifting worship services, educational programs and social activities which enable people to experience the great love the Triune God has for every person.

Help people to discover, develop and apply the unique gifts God has granted them.

Continually affirm the value of these individual gifts by making each and every member aware of how their gifts, coupled with the gifts of others, assures that FHPC will serve as the "hands and feet" of Christ, working to do His will in this place and time.


This word in the mission statement includes anyone who is now or will, in the future, be involved with our Church as they seek a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We extend a special welcome to unchurched people of all ages and of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. We invite them to explore the Good News of the Gospel with us and to see for themselves what it is like to be part of a loving and caring congregation.


We are Christians and we believe in the Trinity (God the Creator, Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit) and we recognize the Holy Spirit as our constant companion in our faith journey throughout our life on earth.

We know we were created both as temporary physical beings and as
eternal spiritual beings. We further know that both our physical and spiritual beings are capable of becoming more able and mature.


We know that if we live according to the teachings of our Savior, Jesus the Christ, we will grow in our faith and become more capable as members of our Church and as citizens of our community. Our growth will be evident in the way we live.


By Christians we mean those who have accepted Christ, as the Son of God, and as their personal Lord and Savior.

We know this to be true through our study and acceptance of the messages as recorded in the Holy Bible.

We also know that through faith and the incredible gift of grace given to us by God, we are saved and assured of life eternal.