Framingham Civic League

214 Concord Street

The Framingham Civic League is a community resource that offers programs and collaborates with other organizations to meet civic, social, recreational and cultural needs of Framinghamand its neighbors.

The Framingham Civic League is recognized for beinga resource in building community for Framingham and its neighbors

Council Development: By 2007, the mission of the FCL will be well-supported by a robust and active Council whose members are broadly representative of the community, providing various kinds of leadership and service to the organization.

Facility: By 2009 facilities will have been renovated so they are appealing and functional for a wide range of uses.

Stonehaven Land: By 2007 we will have determined the disposition of the Stonehaven land.

Finances: By 2007 the FCL will have broadened and deepened the revenue stream to support a balanced budget, maintenance & operations, and building the budget.

Marketing: By 2005, we will have developed and initiated a long term marketing plan.

Program Development: By 2007 the FCL itself and in collaboration with other civic, social and cultural organizations will have developed additional programs that serve interests of the community.