Franklin Pierce University

40 University Drive

University Mission Statement:

Franklin Pierce University prepares its students to become active, engaged citizens and leaders of conscience. Whether at the undergraduate, graduate or professional level, its academic programs are grounded in a liberal arts tradition and are unified by the theme of the Individual and Community.

To fulfill this mission, Franklin Pierce commits its energies and resources to:

-Cultivating an ethos of academic excellence characterized by a community of scholars dedicated to their students and the furthering of knowledge.
-Promoting an expectation of civic engagement, environmental responsibility and global awareness.
-Encouraging respect for human diversity and celebrating its enrichment of our common experience.
-Developing habits of mind and being that promote lifelong learning and service to others.
-Providing the knowledge and skills required to lead a responsible professional life.
-Serving as an educational, intellectual and cultural resource for the State of New Hampshire and the global community.