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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. S.I.

FACSI relies on donations and grants to continue with the care, restoration and seasonal maintenance of 11 Staten Island Cemeterires dating from 1690 through 1979. Please make a tax deductive donation today to: FACSI, 158 Myrtle Avenue, S.I., N.Y. 10310.

You can also donate via PayPal.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries currently maintains the following Staten Island Abandoned sites: Trinity, Staten Island, Fountain, Van Street, Lake, Silvie's, Merrell, Sylvan, Old Clove Baptist, Blazing Star, Hillside. We participate in the care of: Forgotten Acre and Marine Hospital Quarantine (1799-1858).

We have transcribed many S.I. cemetery records they are available for FREE genealogy research on the Richmond County Genealogy website at:

For the complete list of transcribed Dempsey and Sons Funeral Home records, Staten Island AND Bayonne, NJ visit:

FACSI has transcribed St. Mary of the Assumption Cemetery records, inquiries to:

We are accumulating a burial list for the ALMS HOUSE/NYC FARM COLONY if you have an ancestor buried there please notify thank you.

On line FACSI brochure:

Please visit us on Facebook:

We have designed a durable inexpensive grave marker which can go on any grave site and are custom made to include photo's, contact FACSI for further information.

Recent News

Cemetery Filming Location

Looking for a private cemetery to film your upcoming movie or TV show? FACSI offers 4 separate and unique cemeteries for filming. The cemeteries are private and secure locations, in good general condition and vary in size and style. Reasonable…

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Custom Designed Inexpensive Grave Markers

FACSI produces its own inexpensive grave markers. The below picture is a custom marker that we just completed for a family who recently discovered an ancestors unmarked grave of 5 children. FACSI markers can be customized to include photo's... and…

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries featured in New York Times

Lynn Rogers is proud of her work and is not concerned that she receives no recognition from those whose stories she unveils. Not that they could sing her praises — they are all dead. Ms. Rogers is the caretaker of 11 cemeteries on Staten Island…

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Inexpensive Custom Grave Markers

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has created customized grave markers that can be placed at any cemetery. The large markers are $70, smaller military markers $50. These makers make it possible for any family to mark the grave site of their…

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