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Friends of the Mount Pleasant Public Library

350 Bedford Road

About Us

The Friends of the Mount Pleasant Public Library – FMPPL – a recognized not-for-profit volunteer organization, has been dedicated to the promotion, welfare and support of the Mount Pleasant Public Library at least since 1965 and possibly longer. We have gone through old records in the Library basement and have discovered minutes of meetings and reports from a predecessor volunteer organization called The Friends of the Library Association from 1961, with handwritten membership rolls, typewritten lists of movies shown at the Library using Friends' funding, lists of books the Library was interested in receiving as donations, etc. In the old days, the Friends of the Library Association was responsible for selecting a lot of what went on at the Library, and volunteers helped out with clipping articles for the Library's local history files, choosing art works to be displayed in the library, circulating a newsletter of upcoming programs to all members, purchasing items for the staff lounge and other functions that have now been taken over by professionals. At times during our history, our Steering Committee included the Library Director, who presided over Board meetings and our members voted on which individual Library entertainment programs to fund. They were invited to Library Trustees' meetings by typewritten letters from the Library Director. The Friends of the Library Association's frequent meetings were held during the middle of the day, because members were retired men, or women who didn't have paid jobs, and agendas were snail-mailed, sometimes with the notation "bring a sandwich"!