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Friends of The Village Bookstore

Friends of the Bookstore is a group of volunteers who feel strongly that the Village Bookstore is important. Yes, we like the selection for adults, the kids section, the helpful advice, the friendly environment. This is reason enough to shop there.

But there is something more. The Bookstore is an important institution: opposite the Jacob Burns, it anchors Central Westchester around the idea of books: the thoughtful exploration, the patience and the open mind that are part of sitting down and engaging with a good book.

So we have agreed to make the extra effort to help owners Roy and Yvonne in their mission. Some of us are helping write brief book recommendations, laying out advertising, redesigning window displays, advising on computer systems. We're also helping them set up a Frequent Buyers Club, discounts for bookclubs and an email list for notices of author events and special book opportunities.

Please join us, as a "Friend of the Bookstore".

Roy Solomon

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