Gainesville High School

830 Century Place

Vision: Excellence for All. Our vision of Excellence for All encompasses students, staff, parents, and community as we work together to promote life-long learning. Gainesville City School System’s recognition as the model system for the State of Georgia, committed to excellence for all students, is a driving force in every facet of our educational program. We are committed to competency-based instruction, communicated openly and honestly, and delivered in a disciplined learning environment to produce self-reliant individuals.

Mission: The mission of Gainesville High School is to promote life-long earning, citizenship, and responsibility by providing challenging programs of study and activities in a nurturing learning environment while encouraging nity among diverse cultures and involving all stakeholders in the chievement of school goals.


Brandon Gibbs Jr

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
As a current student, I can say that this school supplies resources resources needed by students and upholds a high standard for success. The down side to it is the school focuses more on sports than groups like the NJROTC, Band, Robotics, ect. The teachers do the absolute best of their ability to give us what we need and they do amazing.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Full of stale memes.

Vianey Duenas Pasillas

Thursday, March 1, 2018
awesome school;

Gallows toye

Friday, Feb. 5, 2016
I never went here but It seems legit. Definitely better than other schools. But for real fix the food school system. At least make sure its cooked right.

Angel Gomez

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Listen honey imma keep it real up in this gurl. The school all in all is nice. Having different buildings for different things like for example the main building is where you will find all of you academic classes boo like that building is aight I mean don't expect it to smell the best cause people be smokin in the bathrooms, teachers rooms be stinking up like they feet, boii hell the principals office is there as a matter of fact too many 'principals' like yikes no we just need one all mighty power person. Anyways they have 2 gyms, the old gym is one of the best places you can go cause you don't do anything in there like yas it's lit. They have the votec (my bad gurl idk how to spell it lawl) that's where then have tech classes that only smart people go to cause let's face it boo you ain't going in no robotics club/class. Culinary arts, boii here's some advice don't take culinary arts. Art and a law class I believe idk shot they have to many electives to offer like heck no I don't got time to do this and that wat?!? Mogelers(once again idk how to spell it I apologize bby) that's where they have English classes yes you do have to hike up a mountain and yes you will sweat at times and surprise surprise they even have a building dedicated to keeping all the crusty freshman out of your lane :D ... Only may I add all these are separate buildings so it's basically a college campus so be prepared to be late lol. They have the band room and may I say this I am so glad I quit band yaasss. They lunch room is a mess I'll tell you some of the lunch ladies are salty af like boo ya needs some milk and the food is nasty, it's disgusting. The red shed is where you can find all your stereotypes of high school it won't be hard to find them also in the lunch room. Now c.e.d.a.b.o.t is a thing come every day and be on time lol first of all no bb that's just nasty you know people still going to skip tf. Don't expect that many fights at that school it's not that lit in that compartment. They have 2 offices and all the secretaries are going to be part of one of the most cringiest moment in your high school career lol. Now you will all have that one teacher who absolutely doesn't give to what's each semester, it's the sad truth. The students are okie like they not the best because one they crusty two to many yung thugz and swag fags like I'm sorry for that word but I'm just saying. Don't be surprised if you become suicidal during your time here and make sure to always have bleach ready to drink cause the lord knows you need to clean your mouth after your done with this school.