Garner Homestead Family Farm

Garner Homestead Family Farm
1376 Highway 128

***Closed For 2018 Season***


In 2008 our family enbarked on a new adventure to bring our homestead farm, which has been in the Garner family for more than 120 years, back to it's former glory as fully funtional farm. "Papa" Bob Garner was born and raise in the hundered year old house that still stands on the property.

The dream was to make the farm not only productive but educational and entertaining for children that have never experienced life on a farm. Daughter Susan, a former teacher recalled the fun her students had visiting a pumpkin patch and corn maze while teaching in NC. From there the vision grew and the first year opened with not only a pumpkin patch and corn maze but a petting zoo, nature trail, playground, hayride, picnic area and a trained animal show.

While the journey started with Bob and his wife Myrna, daughter Susan and her husband Doug along with Grandaughter April and her husband Jason it has grown to include the entire Garner family.