Geauga County Public Library

12701 Ravenwood Drive


On August 26, 1848, the Chardon Public Library was organized at the meeting of interested persons at the Geauga County Courthouse. John French, County Recorder was chosen Librarian. Donated books were housed in the Recorder's Office and were administered as an association library with membership fees. The library collection grew and was moved several times before a village library in the Village Hall was established and a library board was appointed in 1913. In 1929 the Village Council established the legal status of the library by creating it as a municipal institution. Intangible taxes were received for the first time in 1936. Service to county schools began in 1936 also. Library extension services were established throughout the county during the succeeding years and branch libraries were established in Middlefield in 1942 and in Chesterland in 1957.

In 1963 the Library was designated a County District Library by the County Commissioners at the request of the Library Board. A new seven member Library Board of Trustees was created and the name Geauga County Public Library became its official designation.

Geauga County Public Library continued to grow with the establishment of the Bainbridge Library in 1965 and the opening of the Thompson Library Station in Ledgemont High School in 1979. Bookmobile service to townships and county residents not directly served by a library facility began in 1986. An Administrative Center providing adequate office space for administration and support services, was established in the former Chardon Post Office building in 1987. The Readmobile serving Parkman and Newbury townships on alternating weeks began service in 1990. Voters in the West Geauga school district, in 1986, approved a bond issue to build the Geauga West Library to replace the Chester Library. The new library was opened for service in 1989.

At the November 1991 general election, voters in the county library district approved a one mill, continuing, operating levy. Proceeds from the new property tax were first included in the 1992 library budget. In June 1992 a new, replacement Bookmobile began service.