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Geisler Farms

Geisler Farms
5251 NorthEast 94th Avenue

Geisler Farms, owned and operated by Darrell and Malinda Geisler, is a third-generation family business that raises corn and soybeans 14 miles northeast of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The farm was established in 1945 by Darrell's parents and grandparents. During the early years, the farm raised corn, soybeans, oats, hay, milk cows, hogs and chickens. When Darrell joined the farm business in 1970, it specialized in corn and soybeans. From the 1970s through the 1990s, Darrell also raised two children. 

Geisler Farms is passionate about pumpkins. Nothing says fall like a sea of orange pumpkins on a green lawn.

Our pumpkin patch is conveniently located next to the parking lot on the west side of the Red Shed. Pumpkins are sold on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no admission charged to visit the pumpkins. We do not have a hayride to our pumpkins. During the week, we harvest pumpkins from our 10-acre field and move them to our patch.  During the peak in October, there are thousands of pumpkins to select from.