Germantown Presbyterian Church

2363 Germantown Road South

History :

Germantown Presbyterian Church was founded on March 24, 1838. In 1851, the first building, our current Chapel, was erected. This plain clapboard structure served as the congregation’s only house of worship for 136 years, surviving the ravages of war and yellow fever as the oldest public building in Germantown.

As the surrounding communities have grown, so has GPC. In 1951, the original building was moved a few yards and turned to face east, setting the stage for the addition ten years later of an education facility, with offices and fellowship hall. In 1987, a new sanctuary was constructed in colonial design, and in 1996, we added the South Building, housing the Germantown Presbyterian Preschool, an Activity Center and classrooms. Through our most recent capital campaign contributions, the GPC family has erased debt remaining from these building programs. We continue to look to the future, by developing a master plan to meet the needs for our church in the generations and years to come.