Good Life Farm

14701 Darnestown Road

Good Life Farm is a small yet hopefully effective foil against that ever-encroaching sprawl, which now presses in on all sides of our 40 acres.

We have been farming this land since 1995, although we only ramped up production for direct-to-the-public sale in the spring of 2008. Over that time, my wife Laura and I along with our three children have better learned the ins and outs of growing reliable, great-tasting crops.

And Good Life Farm is certainly an ideal place to do that, thanks to our unique soil: unlike surrounding farms, whose land is largely a mixture of sand and hard, red clay, we plant our crops in soil upon which chestnut trees once grew in great abundance. As the chestnuts fell to the earth each autumn, the land was richly fertilized with carbon, nitrogen, and minerals.

Becoming a member of our CSA operation is a special opportunity for you and your family to participate in the production of fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Farmer Larry is dedicated to using sustainable production practices that yield an abundant and healthy supply of produce for our members. But in addition to the benefits of knowing exactly where and how you food is grown, as well as the people who grow it, there are other compelling reasons to purchase directly from the farm: grocery-store produce typically reaches the shelves a full week after its picked, and middlemen drive the prices up dramatically. By buying locally, you save money and return a fair margin to the farmer. Although 2010 was one of the toughest growing seasons in recent history, with an unusualy hot and dry spring and summer that delayed the planting and harvest of many items, Good Life Farm still managed to deliver its members a bountiful harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables. By seasons end, members had the opportunity to receive 34 weeks of farm-fresh produce at a retail value of more than $1,800 a price well above the cost of a CSA membership. Good Life Farm continues the tradition of working with other local farms to bring the best variety and freshness to your table. We welcome your questions. We encourage to you to visit our farm.

CSA Details:
Season:  May through December
Type: single farm
Since: 2008
No of Shares: 150
Full Share: 30 weeks = 790/year 15 weeks = 430 Delivery Available for a fee see web site
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Direct to House or Business  (Thu)
Members pick up their shares at the farm or pay for delivery to their location in Montgomery County
Contact: Laura Ledgard
Phone: 301-728-2572
Address: 14701 Darnestown Road Darbestown, MD 20874

Good Life Farm  (Sun Wed Fri Sat)
Members reserve shares pickup time on-line
Contact: Lawrence Ledgard
Phone: 301-728-2572
Address: 14701 Darnestown Rd Darnestown, MD 20874