Grace Point First Baptist Church

592 Washington Crossing Road

The name of our new location, "Grace Point," celebrates a new beginning for our century-old church. "Grace Point" describes our property—the point of ground created by a fork in the road. More important, "Grace Point" defines us as a community intentionally creating a point in time and space where people encounter the power of God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We want our church to be a fork in the road of life where people meet Jesus, and begin and grow in their walk with Him and with each other.

The energy you feel at Grace Point these days is generated because more and more people are experiencing God's grace right in the middle of the messiness of real life. While we continue to benefit from having many members who are committed followers of Christ, we are shedding our reputation of being a church just for mature Christians. We are becoming more honest about the fact that we all have struggles and are still becoming who God wants us to be. People with hurts, habits and hang-ups are feeling welcome and finding hope as we teach how the timeless truth of the Bible applies to real life needs.

We are compelled by a new vision: to bring glory to God in our community by meeting people's needs out of love for Christ. Community-serving programs reach out to people where they are rather than insist they come to us. As we serve, we hope to earn the opportunity to speak to every individual's greatest need—to experience God's grace and transforming power through faith in Jesus Christ.

We are especially dedicated to meeting the needs of families. We want to excel in ministry to children and youth so that they experience God's grace for themselves. Our Family Life Center offers instruction, encouragement and counsel for parents so that our homes will be grace-filled.

We are committed to investing our God-given time, abilities and resources to extend the message of grace to people everywhere. Through going, sending and welcoming, we join with partners around the world on the cutting edge of God's work.

Our prayer is that God will continue to fashion us into a passionate community of Christ-followers where wounded people find acceptance, encounter God's grace and forgiveness, and experience the abundance of a life fully committed to Him.

First Baptist Church organized in 1901. Our first building was constructed in 1905 on State Street in Newtown. As the congregation grew down through the years, it was necessary to expand the facility three more times. In the early 1990's we recognized that our current location in Newtown was not adequate for our long-term mission. In 1992, we began planning to relocate to a 23 acre parcel at the intersection of Washington Crossing and Stoopville Roads. Construction of our new campus began in early 2003, and we moved into our new facility in July of 2004. Our new location is called Grace Point.