Grand Lake Theater

3200 Grand Avenue

History :

In 1926, the Reid Brothers' design for the Grand Lake Theater was completed for West Coast Theaters, Inc.

March 6, 1926 marked the grand opening of this Vaudeville Show and Silent Movie House.

In 1928, West Coast Theaters, Inc. became part of the Fox Theater Chain.
Vaudeville Shows were discontinued after talking pictures (known as 'talkies') became popular.

In 1980, Allen Michaan, owner of Renaissance Rialto, Inc. purchased the ground lease, opening the theater as a single screen Movie Palace.


Avtar Khalsa

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
What an awesome theater. Beautiful showing rooms, even if they're not all stadium seating I think the upstairs one is. Awesome snacks and drinks. Good people run it and you gotta love the location. Parking is a bit hard at times but so worth it. I'm not sure if they have an indoor bike rack bit I remember seeing one once.

Audrey L

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Amazing venue for movies! I'm amazed that they upkeep this place until now for movie screenings! I'm impressed that they've kept the old school theater vibe of this place with the curtains over the screen and intricate paintings on the walls. Pro-tips: All movies (including 3D) are $5 on Tuesdays and $6 for matinee screenings. Also, Wednesdays you receive a free bag of popcorn with purchase of admission. As if the theater wasn't great enough it's the best in my book.

Neil Eligado

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018
$6 matinee in an awesome balcony theater on a Sunday. There were about 250 seats that we're almost to capacity to see Black Panther and it has almost been out for 2 weeks. Staff was friendly and crowd was great. There's an aisle on the middle so no one truly gets a middle seat, but the sound was amazing and better than other theaters who also have Dolby Digital. They have some craft sodas on tap and I believe some flavored pop corn. Child booster seats readily available.

Kelsey Nibbelink

Thursday, June 7, 2018
This historic landmark will change the way you experience movies. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is enchanting. Sit back, enjoy the theater, and momentarily forget what era you occupy.

SS Frederick

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
What a gorgeous building! $5 (on Tuesday) to see this historic theater would be enough of a deal but then to also see a movie, which a fun selection of local made sodas and teas, it's great! The only downside is it's not stadium seating.