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Green Tree Borough

10 West Manilla Avenue

Green Tree is located approximately two miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the rolling green hills of Allegheny County. From its upscale residential areas, to its thriving business and commercial districts, many hotels (Best Western, Hampton Inn, Quality Suites, Holiday Inn and Radisson Inn) and two of Pittsburgh's major office parks, Foster Plaza and Parkway Center, Green Tree is a great place to live, work and play.What has been known as Green Tree Borough since 1885 was once part of the Virginia Territory, then part of Washington County, Peters, Lower St. Clair, Chartiers, Kirkpatrick and Union townships.Greentree Road began as an Indian trail, was developed into a road, then a toll road with toll houses and then into a main artery leading into Pittsburgh. Stagecoaches regularly traveled the road, dropping off mail at the Sycamore Tree for which the Borough was named. A plaque stands at the site of the tree, which is long gone, near Western Avenue on Greentree Road.The Borough's logo is a replica of the original green tree. You can find them almost everywhere: on police cars, on welcome signs, and at the entrance to municipal property.

Green Tree was first settled in 1793 and grew into a farming community with some mining. The Wabash Railroad built Rook Station at the beginning of the century and was later taken over by the Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railroad. Most of the residents of that small corner of Green Tree, still known today as "Rook," were employed by the railroad. In 1939 many streets were paved by the WPA. In 1952 the Parkway West was built through Green Tree joining Pittsburgh with the Greater Pittsburgh Airport. This brought a building boom to the Borough with the Parkway Center and Foster Plaza office complexes and five hotels. Green Tree was incorporated in 1885 and officially became a home-rule community in 1975. The Borough is run by an elected seven-member Council and Mayor. Council appoints a Borough Manager, currently W. David Montz, to manage the day-to-day issues and activities within the Borough.

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