Greentown Public Library

421 South Harrison Street

The Greentown Public Library serves a community of about 6719 citizens in Eastern Howard County, Indiana, located 10 miles east of Kokomo and 60 miles north of Indianapolis. Greentown is a small town of about 2546 citizens surrounded by rural farm land. The area is growing quickly due in no small part to the high academic standards and achievements of the Eastern Howard Schools.

The Greentown Public Library (GPL) is unique in that it is a "combination library." Two public collections (children's and teen/adult) housed within the Eastern Howard School facilities (elementary and middle/high school) allow the GPL to serve as the public as well as the schools' libraries. This results in an economy of materials, facilities, human resources, and tax dollars for the small north-central Indiana town. Lauded by the academic community as being a superior school library, the GPL is also greatly valued by its public patrons.