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Groom Creek Fire District

1110 Friendly Pines Road

Groom Creek Fire District is dedicated to serving the residents of Groom Creek and surrounding areas by providing fire suppression, emergency medical services, and many forms of public assistance. We also provide wildland fire suppression and medical services to outlying communities and to a large portion of the Prescott National Forest south of Prescott.

Groom Creek, Arizona is a bedroom community located about 6 miles south of Prescott in the Ponderosa Pine forest. We have over 400 full-time residents, and during the summer this population can double. The Groom Creek area also has 8 children's camps which can provide up to an additional 2,400 residents during the summer (approximately 300 per camp).

Originally a volunteer-only fire service, GCFD has adapted to the growing community. We have a full-time Fire Chief and three full-time officers who rotate and man the station 24-hours per day. These officers are responsible for various programs performed by the fire district which include fuels management, off-district wildland fire response, apparatus maintenance, equipment maintenance, facility maintenance and public education. The full-time officers are supplemented by our ever-so-important volunteers and reserves during emergency calls and on various community projects