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Hafs Road Orchard

Hafs Road Orchard
W632 Hafs Road

About Us

The original orchard was planted in the late 1930's.

There were 400 standard-size trees that included 25 different apple varieties. About a dozen of the grand old standard trees remain.

Today, at the orchard we grow 50 varieties, a mix of heirloom, classic favorites and modern releases.

The orchard has 2,000 trees, most of them fully dwarfed.

Our first Honeycrisp were planted in 1992, sixty trees as a trial. In the next several years customer enthusiasm and a buzz in the apple grower community convinced us to dive in. We went on Honeycrisp tours, talked with fellow growers and now grow over 1,000 Honeycrisp trees. The last four growing seasons have been brutal and we lost trees of many varieties. This spring, 2015, we planted 400 new Honeycrisp trees.

We made another big decision in the early 90's. With our accessible location between the metro areas of Chicago and Milwaukee we decided to maintain the quiet rural no frills atmosphere that many of our customers find appealing. Our perfectly ripened apples are picked carefully by hand, inspected and graded and presented for sale in our store and at farmer's markets in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Harbor Market and Columbus Park).

We DO NOT offer pick your own.

Richard and his crew monitor insect and disease populations daily from pre-bloom in spring through harvest time. This scientific scrutiny allows us to protect pollinators, bees, and beneficial insects and to produce high quality, great tasting, sustainably grown apples.

We invite you to walk in our orchard and savor autumn with a tree ripened apple or one of our hand-dipped Honeycrisp caramel apples.