Hamburg Area School District

701 Windsor Street

Mission Statement :

It is the mission of the Hamburg Area School District, with the cooperation and support of parents and community, to provide an educational environment that will challenge each student to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to become a productive and responsible citizen.

Sustaining Goals :

The Hamburg Area School District strives to:

• Encourage parental, community, and business involvement in the educational process.

• Establish an atmosphere of academic excellence that stresses the development of verbal and written communication skills, mathematical fundamentals, cultural literacy, and thinking.

• Prepare students with the proper attitudes, values, and behaviors to become life-long learners and responsible citizens.

• Maintain frequent and ongoing communication with students and parents regarding progress in meeting the instructional goals and academic standards.

• Adopt policies, practices, and procedures that promote a quality educational program.

• Provide a competent, caring staff and a comprehensive curriculum and cocurricular program that meets the needs of a broad range of students.

• Maintain modern and well-kept facilities that establish a safe, orderly, and effective learning environment.