Hancock's Resolution

2795 Bayside Beach Road

The original stone buildings, built circa 1785, are excellent examples of early Chesapeake architecture and some of the few existing stone buildings of that period in Anne Arundel County. For over 150 years, this was one of many farms that used Maryland's waterways to transport produce to Baltimore and other ports. Occupied by the Hancocks until 1962, it is an Historic Park in the Anne Arundel Park System, operated by the Friends of Hancock's Resolution (FOHR). The Master Interpretation Plan for the Park outlines four major themes for the interpretation of this historic farm: 1-Daily Life on a pre-Civil War Chesapeake "middling plantation" and Market Farm; 2-Transportation and Commerce on the Northern Chesapeake Bay in that Period; 3-Military and Maritime Life on the Chesapeake Bay focused on the War of 1812; and 4-American Indian Lifeways on the North Western Chesapeake Bay. The latter is because archaeology has discovered a 3,000 year old Indian campsite on the farm.

If you want to see how average Americans lived before the industrial age, this is the place to visit.