Handwerker Gallery

Handwerker Gallery
1170 Gannett Center


The mission of the Handwerker Gallery is to enhance the academic offerings of Ithaca College with a diverse range of scholarly exhibitions, lectures, colloquia and events in its role as a pedagogical resource. In exploring the various meanings inherent in art and artifacts, the Gallery will collect, preserve, protect, display and interpret objects of aesthetic, cultural and intellectual significance. Exhibitions are coordinated with attention to the needs of the faculty, students and staff at Ithaca College, as well as the interests of the larger Ithaca and Finger Lakes communities.

The Gallery provides an outlet for creative work and intellectual discourse for students and faculty in diverse programs across campus, including Art, Art History, Cinema and Photography, Theatre Arts, and Writing. In addition, the Gallery directly supports the teaching of Art History at the College through experiential learning, as part of a Gallery-based, interdisciplinary educational experience that strengthens the College's distinctive Humanities program.


To create an integrative arts space that enriches the intellectual and creative life of Ithaca College as well as the greater Finger Lakes region.