Harper Independent School District

23122 West Highway 290 Main

Harper is principally a farm and ranch community; most of Harper's 573 students are eligible to ride the bus. There is no industry located in Harper, and most residents work in the nearby towns of Fredericksburg and Kerrville. The largest employer in the town of Harper is Harper ISD.

Because of the nature of a very small community, most community activities during the school year revolve around the public school, and many community members who do not yet have, or no longer have, children in school still take active part in a number of school activities. Community support for any event that show cases our students' talents and/or work is excellent. The 4H Club is quite active in working with and supporting our students; our PTO is large and active; our churches plan many of their activities with our students in mind. The Lions Club, the Catholic Church, other community-service organizations, and individuals provide several scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors. In addition, several booster clubs including FFA, Band, and Athletics, provide additional support to all students at Harper ISD.