Harrison United Methodist Church

15008 Lancaster Highway

Harrison United Methodist Church- Mission Statement

Harrison United Methodist Church is a family that Invites everyone into a relationship with Christ to Worship, Discover and Serve God.

Our Vision Statements

Our Invitations to a Relationship with Christ
-We provide opportunities to experience Christ through love and acceptance by our members.
-We give personal invitations to those we meet to join our congregation.
-We send post cards and brochures inviting new residents to our community to visit and be welcomed.
-Activities are held where the entire community is invited to participate.
-We advertise in multiple ways to reach the community with the invitation.

-We celebrate the presence of Christ through song, prayer, and sharing God’s promises.
-We encourage prayer to express our needs, questions, and desires.
-We encourage each other by modeling Christ in all we do.
-We encourage members to contribute a meaningful portion of their financial blessings as an Act of Worship.

-We encourage participation in small groups to grow in a relationship with Christ and each other.
-We teach from the Bible to all ages and stay focused on building spiritual maturity.
-Our church helps individuals discover their God given gifts and how to use them.
-Programs are offered that focus on Christ’s answers to real life issues.
-We encourage members to discover the biblical meaning of Tithing and Stewardship.

-We model Christ’s compassion and unconditional love by serving the community through:
Local and global outreach missions
Support groups
Pastoral counseling
-We faithfully support each other in times of need and blessing.