Hartwell First United Methodist Church

200 East Howell Street

The historical Hartwell Methodist Episcopal Church South, was organized in 1854.  The Reverend Howell Parks served as Senior Pastor and the Reverend William S. Turner as the Junior Pastor.

The first church building was built by John R. Kay in 1859.  It was a large frame building painted white.  The building had large windows with a tall steeple.  This was the only church to be built in Hartwell until after the War Between the States.  The use of the building was extended to other denominations in town.  The tradition of sharing the facilities and working with other churches is still alive at Hartwell Methodist.

During the 1880's the building was remodeled.  In 1891 a new bell was purchased for the church.  The bell alone, without fixtures, weighed 1050 pounds and "was made of the best bell metal and had a tone of A flat."  The original bell was given to the First Presbyterian Church for their new building.

The present parsonage was build in 1953 while the Reverend Louis F. Huckaby was pastor.  The parsonage is located at 415 West Howell Street.  The only other parsonage was the house located at the corner of Franklin and Chandler Streets.  There was an addition to the parsonage during the ministry of the Reverend Robert A. Kerr.