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Harvest Revival Full Gospel Baptist Church

119-33 Springfield Blvd

Mission Statements:

Jesus Christ is in the center of our existence.  Without Jesus, our service is in vain.  With Jesus, we serve with Love and are willing to Forgive.

Our foundation is the Word of God.  We preach the Word of God and we teach the Word of God.  Preaching is Proclaiming and Teaching is Explaining.

We are predestined to evangelize the lost at any cost.  We witness that others may be saved.

We believe that God is to be praised and worshiped in spirit and in truth.  We must give God true worship.  God is a spirit; and they that worship God must worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

We pray for spiritual freedom and deliverance because the Word of God says, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty".  We claim authority over strongholds and to live victoriously.

We are a praying and fasting church.  Through prayer and fasting, we will be able to flow in the anointing of God.

We are a church of Faith.  Faith is confidence, assurance and reliance on God, trusting God for who God is.  God is all we need God to be.  Without faith, it is impossible to please God.  God expects us to walk by faith and not by sight.

We strive to exhibit a spirit of excellence.  We owe God our best, and giving God our best effort is what we do.

Our purpose is to influence our community, borough, city, nation and world in which we live with the uncompromising message of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to equip and empower the people of God with godly principles for kingdom living.  Obedience is better than sacrifice.  Character, Commitment, Consistency and Cheerful giving are attributes we desire to have.

We are committed to strive to be a haven of hope within our community by promoting and providing community awareness and empowerment, education, youth activities, and teach the importance of financial independence as amplified in the Word of God.

We believe we can do what God says we can do.  We believe we can be who God says we can be.  We believe we can have what God says we can have.