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Hastings Park-Jamboree's Resident Services

4635 Antelope Rd.

Hastings Park is a community comprised of 242 garden-style family homes, acquired and refurbished in 2004. Of these homes, 196 are classified as affordable. By partnering with great property management, investors and local government, Jamboree assures the opportunity to maintain long-term affordability of the property for residents and the community. Onsite resident services are provided by Jamboree's Resident Services Group.

Jamboree's Resident Services Group is about "people" - connecting, developing and empowering the residents who call a Jamboree community home. 

Hastings Park is looking for individuals that would like to help out with the after school program. If you have a special talent, you want to teach the kids or just want to be a positive role model, this can work for you. You can volunteer one day a month or once a week, whatever fits your schedule. Every day we focus on completing homework and then have daily group activities. Join us in being a positive influence on this community.