Haunted Elementary

Haunted Elementary
906 Lapeer Ave Floor 1

In 1955, Schluckbier School opened its doors to the town of Bridgeport. Only a few years later, it was shut down...the real story is still a mystery. Students were getting bloody noses, mysterious scratches and markings, and having hallucinations. Local police records show missing person reports on 13 students during that time. History places an old graveyard under the foundation of the school. Stories have evolved over the years to blame the gym teacher, the principal and even the lunch lady. Some claim the janitor left children to rot in the boiler room. Other theories suggest the science teacher went mad. People in this town still want answers. So the ban has been lifted and permission granted.

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Haunted Elementary Attraction 2018

Attractions:Haunted House:Haunted Elementary is our main attraction featuring themes such as a Haunted Cemetery, Forest, Swamp, Sewer, Butcher Shop, Mine Shaft and more.VIP Zombie UpgradeOutbreak is Michigan's Only Interactive Zombie Tag Attraction…

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