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Haunted Farm of Terror

Haunted Farm of Terror
28405 26 Mile Road

Haunted Farm of Terror is operated on the old Alongi property in Lenox Twp. Michigan. For 100 years, the property has served the community via beautiful flowers and gardens, fruits and vegetables, mechanics, hauling, and metal art.Over the last 50 years, the family had become 'bored' with what they could and could not  grow, of this Earth. As head of the family, Lazerus Alongi was pushing his age up to 122 years on this planet, and with that came a vast knowledge of botany, biology, chemistry, astronomy, metaphysics, and engineering. This list could continue for hours, as well as the responsibility of the beholder that follows

The Family began experimenting with what they could grow in their fields and in their laboratories. They began questioning what is or was 'alive' and what is or was 'dead,' and the limits to which they could push organisms to the brink of life and death. They began testing. First came the plant life, then the animals; pigs, horses, monkeys and primates, dogs, fish, alligators Not a single soul questioned their activities or motives; not their reasoning or any logic.And then they started requesting bodies, tissues, and organs They opened up the DeMon Diner (pronounced "DIE - NER") located on the property, and they started hosting bon fires and cookouts. The family was having so much fun, they've decided to open up to the public. (2001)
Watch horror movies on either of the 30ft big screens around multiple bon fires or seek shelter from the zombies in our Road Kill Cafe, where you may enjoy our world famous taco in a bag, pizza, hotdogs, nachos, hot and cold apple cider, doughnuts, candy apples, and all of your favorite Halloween treats.Take a shot at the living dead at the LIVE ZOMBIE shoot! The zombie shoot is a 60 yard, four-mounted-gun range separate of the haunted house or hay ride. The costs of the range are $5 for 15 shots or $10 for 45 shots, to shoot at a live zombie that is running around down range, taunting your every miss and growing weaker with every hit. We also have targets on the range that, if hit, grant the shooter cool prizes such as mugs, coozeys, tshirts, and more. Guns and paint balls are provided by HFT. The range opens at 7pm and may end at any time between 12 and 1am, which is when our gates close.
But, most importantly, say your prayers as you prepare to face your fears. Our Haunted Hayride is to die for, voted #1 most intense in Michigan! If you make it though this wild ride, you'll never be the same! This year our Haunted House and Corn maze is bigger than ever. We have raised the bar for all haunted attractions with all new scenes, characters, and effects. Our zombies do not wear masks and do not say boo. You will be witnessing some of the best haunt makeup, prosthetics, and acting in the country!

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