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Haunted Shack And Ru-Ridge Corn Maze

Haunted Shack And Ru-Ridge Corn Maze
1781 County Road 1

The Haunted Shack Started Several Years Ago As a Community Driven Haunted House. It Was Just a Small Three Hour Production Held in a Small 600 Square Foot Basement of the Local Fire Hall in Gary New Duluth. With Local Citizens Digging Through Their attics and Garages tor Christmas Lights and Other Props that they used To Make The Haunted House. Someone Else Would Bring a Small Boom Box with a Halloween Spooky Tape and Play it in the Background. A web of ropes and plastic suspended from the Fire House Ceilings Made the Haunted Maze. Actors dressed Up in Costumes and Jumped out on Cue to scare the kids and adults That Ventured Through small town haunted house. With Spaghetti for Brains, a Man dressed as a Gorilla, The Local Teacher as Dracula and the Head in the Table Gag it was a Great Show for a Small Town.

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Haunted Shack And Ru-Ridge Corn Maze Attractions 2020

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