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Hayneville Road Elementary School

3315 Hayneville Road

Our school serves students in grades K-5.    Hayneville Road Elementary faculty and staff believe it is essential to have an educational system that is designed to meet the needs of students who are preparing to be economic and cultural contributors to our communities. As globalization has dated the mass production model and complicated economic issues are demanding a more informed and flexible work force, our societal systems are also asking more of its citizenry. It is within this context that we, the Hayneville Road Faculty and Staff, have established our mission statement and beliefs as a school.

We are a school that places the work of teachers, students, and parents at the center of our organization. Student learning is our business. We have, therefore, committed to a vision that is straightforward and unambiguous. We believe: "Every student in this school can be as well educated as any in the world".  This is known to us as a World-Class Education and also reflects the basis of "No Child Left Behind". We are breathing life into this vision via ten compelling and essential beliefs we have set for ourselves as a school family. These beliefs have high levels of expectation, clear purpose, and definitive quality indicators, which were set by our community. Each of these relates directly to the MPS vision for students. Ultimately, we envision students who have mastered the basic skills and then apply those skills to creatively solve problems, use technology, consider issues from multiple perspectives, work well with others, and embrace the value of lifelong learning.