Hazel Grove Elementary School

6390 Dicks Hill Parkway

Our History:

In 1955, the rural community schools of Hazel Creek and Hurricane Creek were combined to establish Hazel Grove Elementary School.  The school was constructed on land donated by the Sisk family on a hilltop surrounded by 17 acres of what was then Highway 123.

The original school building had seven classrooms, a cafetorium, a kitchen, a library, a teacher's lounge with an office area, and one set of restrooms.  Hazel Grove was the first school in the community with indoor restrooms.

When the school opened, it housed grades one through seven with six teachers and one principal/teacher, with an average of 32 students per classroom.  In 1957 the eighth grade was added and remained at Hazel Grove until the 1961 school year.  Several years later, the seventh grade moved to the junior high school level and kindergarten was added to the elementary school level.

In the years since Hazel Grove has been open, eight additional classrooms, two sets of restrooms, a gym, and three mobile classrooms have been added.  One classroom was eliminated to enlarge the library into a library media center.

Mission Statement :

The mission of Hazel Grove Elementary School is to provide a foundation for successful future learning.      

Vison Statement

Hazel Grove Elementary will be a collaborative learning community, which provides quality education through proven instructional practices and innovative teaching strategies. We will maximize student achievement by utilizing effective resources, focusing on differentiated instruction that results in active engagement.  

Beliefs Statement

We believe...  

...in providing a solid foundation of reading, writing, and mathematics to ensure student success.  

...relationships among the learning community including students, parents/guardians, teachers/staff, partners in education, the administration, and system personnel provide the foundation for learning.  

...student achievement is best accomplished when highly qualified teachers provide quality work for students in a safe environment where high academic and behavioral expectations exist.  

...all our students can achieve and we will provide evidence of their achievement.  

...to be successful in a rapidly changing society our students must become creative thinkers and problem solvers.  

...teachers must have support, resources, and professional development opportunities to ensure success.