Hebron Women's Club

The Hebron Women’s Club, Inc. (HWC), formerly the Hebron Junior Women, Inc. was formed in November 1969 for the purpose of community service. HWC is a member of Connecticut Junior Women, Inc. (CJW); a statewide organization of affiliated clubs.

The Connecticut Junior Women’s Pledge:

I pledge to grow, share, give and care, with each and every stride. To guide my waking moments toward goals that give me pride. To outwardly be the person I know I am inside – to be a Connecticut Junior.

HWC is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonpartisan and nonsectarian civic organization. Since its inception HWC has been involved in community support and enhancement at both State and local levels.

In 1991 when the Club changed its name to Hebron Women’s Club, it did so to encourage membership of all women age 18 and older.