Hedgepeth Elementary School

301 Gladstone Avenue

All students will graduate wit a vision for their futures, motivated to learn continually and prepared to succeed in their choice of college or career.

The Hedgepeth/Williams School Community will provide all children with a passport to their educational future through a safe, nurturing, and challenging learning environment.

Junior High School Number Two, now renamed Hedgepeth/Williams Middle School, and its adjacent elementary division (Paul Robeson Elementary) opened its doors in September of 1939. The building was modern and well equipped. It had been built as a part of a government project at the end of the depression and provided much needed jobs for many local workers.
Our school was a show place which was respected and eagerly awaited by the staff, the students, and the community. For 38 years the school functioned as one unit. The elementary division served the immediate neighborhood, but there also were special classes for the visually impaired, and the physically handicapped children who were bused to school.

In 1977, the elementary school became a separate unit with it's own administration. The school was named Paul Robeson.

In 1993, The Jr. School was changed to a Middle School and it was renamed Hedgepeth/Williams after two local families that were pioneers and fighting legal battles to desegregate public schools.

In July of 2005, the schools were combined as one unit again. The entire school was renamed Hedgepeth/Williams Elementary School.