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Heidi's Farmstand and Bakery

Heidi's Farmstand and Bakery
11999 Cascade Road

The Family Farm

Heidi's Farmstand is a family operation established in 2006.  The  Blough  family has been here  since 1949 when Grandpa Noah bought the farm on Cascade Road.  Over the past 60 years the family has raised cattle ('49-current), run a dairy operation ('76-'03), raised corn, soybeans, wheat ('49-current).  The farmstand is providing the next generation with a way to expand the farm and bring the farm closer to the community. Heidi's is a partnership between three cousins. The goal of Heidi's farmstand is to bring fresh, home grown and local food to the community and to make opportunity for the 3rd generation to stay on the farm.  This has been very successful.

Heidi's Farmstand

At Heidi's we are now growing over a dozen different fruits and vegetables.  We currently farm 30 acres of vegetables and a couple acres of fruit orchard.   The crops are grown conventionally and in a no-till system to produce a consistent high quality produce to our customers.