Henry E. Lackey High School

3000 Chicamuxen Road

About Us: 

Henry E. Lackey was born in Norfolk, Virginia on June 23, 1876. He was appointed to the Naval Academy in 1895. In 1908, he was stationed at the Naval Proving Ground in Indian Head Maryland. In 1917, (WWI) he returned as commanding officer of Naval Proving Ground in Indian Head MD. Seeing a need for education, Henry E. Lackey commissioned a building which would become Lackey High School. It was the first four year high school in Charles County and in 1919, student enrollment was 252. The class of 1923 was the first graduating class. The Lackey High School building had central heating, running water, and electric lights 8 years before the town. After a distinguished career of 41 years, he retired on July 1, 1940 to Temple, New Hampshire. Rear Admiral Lackey died on October 15, 1952, but his accomplishments live on today in Henry E. Lackey High School.

The mission to Henry E. Lackey High School is to:

Promote academic and social success,
Encourage respect of individual differences,
Offer each student the opportunity to reach his/her highest potential,

by providing a dynamic and continuously evolving curriculum and a safe learning environment.

Through excellence in teaching and learning, and in partnership with family and community, we challenge our students to

Achieve academic excellence,
Develop responsible leadership,
Contribute service to the community,

All of which allow them to attain the lifelong learning skills necessary for success in an ever changing global community.

Metro Phone No. 301-753-1753


Strikebang Zekrom

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
STUDENTS AT LACKY SMOKE WEED. SCHOOL HAS MICE AND ROACHES. ADMINISTRATION DOES NOTHING WHEN THEY GET CALLED THEY Don't SHOW UP. School is poor. Low quality food. Students do stink bombs. Un sanity drinking water fountains. School is falling apart. Class rooms dont get maintained. Would not recommend this school at all. AND THE TEACHERS ACT LIKE A SMART ASS

DumbBell k

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018
I can't even go to this school because I live in autumn hills but I'm still going to find a way to come to this school because Westlake is a no no I heard Lackey is beautiful, so i'ma give y'all a call tomorrow too see if we can have that arranged

n lewis

Friday, Jan. 6, 2017
They need to do better with Race Relations in this school. The Avid Program Ms. Scales and Mr. Lush are the best things that ever happened to this school.


Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018
i live off the free breakfast once a month and when i go hungry no one cares

Jennifer Young

Friday, Dec. 2, 2016
The AFJROTC program needs better leadership.. the current teacher / colonel is sinking in completely unchartered waters. If AFJROTC is offered as a credited elective class, it needs to be headed by an experienced instructor. Our kids deserve the best. It shouldn't be an "Easy A", which is how many of the cadets view it, which makes it difficult for the cadets that truly want to be there for the right reasons. No class should be an "Easy A", but especially one that claims to reflect military values. It's an insult to military personnel. Other than that, the school meets or exceeds expectations. *The sports programs are GREAT! My son couldn't have better coaches. *The Engineering program is on point! *I could use better, upfront communication from the highest level of administration, but encountered a Vice Principal that was AMAZING! Overall, my husband and I are pleased with the school.