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Highland Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Highland Valley Christmas Tree Farm
18425 Highland Valley Road
760 315 8872

On our farm we try to live by nature's rules, we use solar panels and two wells to better respect the environment. We take care of many animals, ducks, doves, and a Japanese reindeer called Faun Faun. We have our own vegetable garden to eat and enjoy our organic products right out of the ground (or off the tree), we also have a vineyard, Principe di Tricase Winery, to bring a taste of Italy we make our own wine, we planted a type of grapes called Aglianico and Nebbiolo, and we keep the tradition of making wine the italian way.

It's a family business, we believe in the Real Family Spirit and that's why Christmas is so important to us. Each member gives their best to put love and care in what they do. Our goal is to spread Christmas Spirit to everyone. To do this, we take good care of our trees to make them beautiful for that Special Day! We hope to create an unforgettable experience and feeling of Joy when parents bring their children to choose their tree. Couples and singles can come here and nourish themselves with a family feeling of Love! We offer candy canes and hot cider (while supplies last) to our visitors to enhance the Christmas atmosphere! We hope everyone will have a Great Christmas! And we wish Joy, Happiness and Love for all!