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Highland Volunteer Fire Department

8705 Harold Place

The first meeting of what was to become Highland Firemen’s Association, (and later, Highland Volunteer Fire Department) was held on March 17, 1927 (St. Patrick’s Day) at the Highland Community United Presbyterian Church. This church, now called Northmont United Presbyterian Church, is located on Perry Highway about half a mile from our fire station. At this first meeting, 43 people were in attendance and a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer were elected.

From its beginnings to the present day, Highland has grown and changed a lot. The building has been remodeled. There are now female firefighters in our department, and junior members. We have 4 vehicles with which to respond to various types of calls. We have many opportunities for training at the fire academy, on our own on Tuesday drill nights, or with the other McCandless companies (Ingomar and Peebles). All we need are a "few good men (and women!)" Please consider becoming a part of Highland's future history, Step Up and volunteer, and become part of the history of Highland.