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Hilliard United Methodist Church Pre-School

5445 Scioto-Darby Road

Hilliard United Methodist Church Pre-School is a half day program for pre-school children ages two and one-half through five. Our program aims to enhance the children socially, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and provide opportunities to develop physically as well.

Our staff feels that every child needs to have a belief in human values-kindness, courage, honesty, generosity. Modeling these behaviors is the best way to teach young children. We believe that we need to be loving, caring people.

The Pre-School teaches in learning centers. Children learn best with “hands on” experiences. They become involved in something that interests them as they discover. Our group time increases as attention spans grow. Stories, puppets, games, role play, singing, finger play and creative movement are all a part of group times. Intellectual growth flourishes during these exciting group times and all during the pre-school day. We want the children to feel they are loved, accepted, and secure. Limits are guides for behavior and safety. Feelings are legitimate and can be dealt with in positive ways. You are welcome to call the Pre-School office with any questions you might have about our HUMChurch Pre-School.