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Hoboken Historical Museum

Hoboken Historical Museum
1301 Hudson Street

Mission Statement:

The Hoboken Historical Museum advances the understanding and exploration of Hoboken history, culture, and architecture.

 - The Museum educates by collecting, preserving, and interpreting artifacts and oral histories, both historic and contemporary, that reflect the life of the city.

 - The Museum documents Hoboken's physical and cultural heritage, which has local, regional, and national significance.

 - The Museum collaborates with other organizations with similar interests, while maintaining permanent space(s) suitable to the Museum's mission.

 - Through this, the Museum serves the people of the city of Hoboken and all those who enjoy its history and culture.

Vision Statement:

The Hoboken Historical Museum will continue to benefit the public as a vibrant, dynamic, all-inclusive and exciting organization that is fully involved in the life of the City of Hoboken. The Museum will accomplish its mission by:

 - Conducting events (for example: tours, lectures, special events, etc.) that will add to the life and excitement of the City and will increase awareness and recognition of the Museum in addition to raising funds to support operations..

 - Establishing a full time paid staff that will consist of a director, curator, collections manager, development director, membership chairperson, grant writers and administrative assistants and other positions as may be required by law.

 - Securing at least an additional 7,500 square feet of space which will include the following: three galleries (one for a permanent display on the history of Hoboken), a 75-seat auditorium, space for children's programs and instruction, and office space for the Museum staff. In addition, there will be 3,000 square feet for the Museum's collection.

 - Utilizing the latest technology to more effectively and efficiently communicate the activities of the Museum.

 - Creating an endowment of at least $10 million, the income of which will support the operational and staff costs of building and preserving the Museum's collection and the management of all Museum activities.