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Hollywood Star Cars Museum

Hollywood Star Cars Museum
914 Parkway

Hollywood's legendary Car builder, George Barris,will be making a Special Appearance at the Hollywood Star Cars Museum to meet the public, discuss some of his creations and also to add one of his personal favorite movie/entertainment cars to Gatlinburg's Hollywood Star Cars Collection.The museum is constantly searching for new cars to improve the collection.Popular cars are from such blockbuster hit movies such as The Ghostbusters Ecto-1, The Munsters Drag-u-la, General Lee from The Dukes of azzard and the Beverly Hillbillies Jalopy,  Two Batmobiles from "Batman TV Show " & “Batman Returns.”Other cars featured are "Eleanor" from  Gone in 60 Seconds,  The Fast and the Furious,  Back to the Future  DeLorean  time machine, Days of Thunder Mello Yello race car, the
Beach Boys 1955 Thunderbird, Sir Paul McCartney's Cadillac, and   many more.