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Hotel Of Terror

Hotel Of Terror
334 North Main

The Hotel of Terror was established in October 1978. It was opened for the kids to have something safe and fun to do during the Halloween season. We strive to a safe place to bring your whole family. When we started in 1978 it only took 5-10 minutes to go through the whole building. We only used the top two floors and had to exit taking the stairs down. So then we decided to build the 96 foot slide in 1980. The original price was only $2.00. We brought in a total of $26.00 on opening night in 1978! The money wasn’t our goal obviously. The fun we had scaring and seeing the customers having a blast was our goal. Its great to hear the customers come out and talk about their great experience. The sound equipment we had in the past has changed drastically. We started with records. When the record stopped or skipped we had to run up there and restart it.  A lot of leg work for sure! Then we went to cassette and CD’s. We currently use some CD’s  but mostly use flash drives and digital voice chips.  That allows us to make the sound at the exact moment we need it. We have always used several actors to ensure a great scare and experience. We use several animatronics as well.  There is always some sort of creature lurking around each corner. We use all four floors and you get to exit down the 96 foot slide. We have had the privilege to scare your grandparents, parents, you, your kids and grandchildren to come for forty plus years and look forward to many more. We thank all who has come to enjoy what we do and letting us scare you.